The Director is the Quarterback of the operation - delegating instructions based off a script or call sheet keeping order and ensuring all aspects of the production are being run properly.  Usually the Director is the voice in everyone's ear notating any specifics in regards to camera angles, audio cues, graphics display, and script/call sheet pacing.


The Master Control / Technical Director (MC / TD) generally sits next to the director in the control room and is responsible for operating the television production switcher (and perhaps for electronic effects). The TD may also serve as the crew chief. He or she reports to the director.  In the school for Creative careers live broadcast the video switcher sits at the control surface of the TriCaster and pulls up the different cameras, inserts requested wipes, dissolves and other transition effects.

The camera operators are responsible for setting up the cameras (unless they are already set up in a studio situation) and then operating the cameras to capture the video images as requested by the director.  In the school for creative careers broadcast we will go through the skills required to operate and compose proper shots along with common terminology.

The audio mixer is responsible for the technical and artistic quality of the entire program sound. This job includes determining the number and placement of microphones required for the production. He or she also makes sure that the audio cables are properly plugged into the audio mixer and is responsible for the final mix (audio levels, balance, and tonal quality) of the final production.

Barbra Walters, Oprah Winfrey, Jay Leno, Jerry Springer - at the end of the day what sets them apart is the fact that they were able to get the story out of their guests.  The interviewer interfaces directly with the talent and is responsible for asking the right questions to facilitate dialogue and create the story.

The Building Blocks of LIVE Production

 Director / Master Control 
 Video Basics / Camera Operation 
 Audio Recording & Playback 
 Art of the Interview