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Every production of genius must be the production of enthusiasm - Benjamin Disraeli

You'll be introduced to the nuances within each track.  Overviews will include specific equipment and disciplines that will provide you with the skills necessary to produce a live broadcast from top to bottom.

Tri-Caster Operation

The hub of the entire operation - Newteks "Tri-caster" series is the standard in live multi-camera broadcasting.  Get real hands on experience with the same set up used on countless sets including MTV, the NFL and ESPN

Multi-Track Audio Recording

Avid's "Pro Tools" has long been the industry leader in multi-track audio recording - that combined with the infamous Cadac Type-A console from the Broadway installation of "Phantom of the Opera" & you have the perfect mix of bleeding edge technology with vintage, analog warmth.

Video Editing / Graphics

Adobe Premiere? Final Cut Pro? Sony Vegas? - We have you covered.  All the tools utilized in cutting, rendering, converting & layering video are at your fingertips running on the latest hardware.

Director / Stage Management

Logistics, crew management, position assignment and talent prep are among the many things that need to happen aside from the technical aspects of a live broadcast.  Gain the skills needed to keep everything in order.

Interview / Scripting

Get the story!  Having engaging and interesting content is half the battle.  No matter how great the production value, the production falls flat if the content isn't quality.  Learn the fundamentals of telling a story and how to work with talent to get the best out of interviews.

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